Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gmail in Chromium "Test Shell" on Linux

The other three guys in my office all work on Chromium for Linux. Right now, they are working on bringing up the "test shell". The test shell is a very simple browser that the Chromium development team uses for testing our integration with WebKit. It is the first step of porting Chromium to a new platform.

Today, one of the linux guys sent a message from Gmail in the linux test shell for the first time:

From: "Dan Kegel" 
To: chromium-dev@googlegroups.com
Subject: sent from test shell on Linux!

Dude, gmail works in the test shell on Linux!

The team is still a long ways from even getting the web to render correctly, let alone building the real browser UI. But it's exciting to see things falling a little more into place each day.


Anonymous said...

Please make a plugin for gmail voice and video for Linux!!!!!!

Jeremy Daley said...

is there no eta on chrome for linux? early 2009? 2012?

boogs said...

@jeremy: Google has a policy of not pre-announcing products, so I can't speak to an eta for Chrome on Linux.

But since it's open source, you can see first hand how fast it's progressing. At launch, it was basically non-existent. Now, it can render Gmail enough to send messages.

JMan said...

do not anger the linux gods, you must sacrifice some code to get gmail video/voice chat working under linux to appease them.

but seriously, i hate being behind 2-3 years in all the big technology because i use linux (or mac)...

Marc and Susie said...

Seriously you can't get a program to work in Linux that who's roots go back to Linux? You use WebKit which is a from Konquer and you are just now in the "test shell?" For a company that has made billions through FLOSS its a little hard to take this low priority?

Let's get this Browser as a platform for Linux since it's going to be on millions and millions of computers soon. (Instant On ASUS machines etc.)

Joost Ruis said...

Would it be possible for distros to get a pre-beta release so we look into how to package it?


boogs said...

@joost ruis: It is a loooong way from that point. But once things are closer you will be able to build it yourself from source, or pick up one of the builds from the buildbot, just like you can for Windows.

Joel said...

I have to agree with Marc and Susie, The lack of priority the Google is giving to Chrome is really disappointing. The browser on Windows is truly amazing and has won me over, but the fact that even on windows it really hasn't evolved or improved since it's release and that a linux release is a "loooong" way off is frustrating. I love chrome's design and speed and want to make it my primary browser, but I can't until it is cross platform and more feature rich.