Sunday, December 7, 2008

Introducing nerdsz

For awhile now, I've been wanting something that could answer the question: "What are my friends doing right now?"

There are probably already approximately 200 apps that do this, but for some reason I couldn't find one that worked the way I wanted. So instead I took the evening and hacked together nerdsz (pronounced "nerds-zee").

To use it, enter the twitter usernames of a group of people you're interested in. For example,,ev,biz,goldman

PS: You may be wondering about the name. For years now, I have been calling the group of friends I hang out with the nerds. The z is an inside joke that you probably have to work for Google to get. Sorry about that.

PPS: This hack made possible by twitter's awesome, crazy-easy-to-use API. Thanks!

PPPS: I also borrowed John Resig's PrettyDate.


Cesar H Castro Jr said...

Anyway I can borrow/use your source code for nerdz and integrate it with my blog/site.

CoreyH said... does something similar, albeit less stylishly.

And ending words in z has a rich history as in warez, appz, gamez...

Sarah Cooper said...

Nice! Just read about this on Webware, I love it. What it does nicely is show the stream from each of your friends. Because the current Twitter interface interleaves updates chronologically, I usually have to visit each of my (real) friends' profiles to catch up with what they've been doing.

Also, HI! Remember me? Hope you're well! So cool to read about someone I know launching something so cool!

notabene said...

Oh wow... The simplicity of your code relaed to the potential power of the tool is... wow...

(and yes, I'm lagging)