Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not quite there yet

Matt jumped the gun on announcing extensions.

There's not much to see yet. You can --enable-extensions in developer builds, but all that gets you so far is Greasemonkey-type functionality, which was already more or less there via --enable-user-scripts.

We're working on more toys, and you can bet we'll start blogging when there's something to play with. But not... quite... yet.


Dizzy with Open Source said...

Hey Aaron, I'm a lowly junior lawyer trying to figure out some Open Source stuff for my boss:(.

I couldn't see how else to reach you..

Could you tell me under what OS license this code (if it is still recognizable) that I think you may have created is under?, that is a derivative of and

Your quick insight will save me a world of hurt! Email address below.



miked at meitar dot com

boots said...

I've emailed Mike separately, but for anyone who later reads this and wonders:

// Copyright 2001, Aaron Boodman
// This code is public domain. Please use it for good, not evil.

Edwin Khodabakchian said...

Looking forward to playing with the extension model. Specially interested in the permission model.